The Story

Engaging Change were born out of a passion for creative design and overcoming challenges.

The biggest challenge is in the approach, not the technology

Far too many training courses limit the learning experience because of the understanding, not the technical ability, of the designer.

This often leads to generic modules that disengage learners, encourage a 'click through' approach and ultimately deliver learning that doesn't stick.

Fluid e-learning

Our solutions encourage interractions that engage multiple senses, ensuring learning is easy, enjoyable and memorable. This means you see stronger results, faster.

We are currently working with organisations like you

Drawing on subject matter expertise in management, leadership, customer experience, instructional design and sales, we have worked for and with some of the biggest and smallest names across multiple industry sectors.

This gives us an unrivaled level of understanding that enables the design, build and delivery of engaging, relevant and dynamic learning solutions.

So, with over 40 combined years of learning design and delivery experience...

We'd love to hear from you today to discuss how we can support your business.